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    Damage Caused By Feral Hogs
    Hogs cause millions of Dollars
    In Damages Every Year

    - Estimated Annual Agricultural Damage from feral swine: $52 million
    - Landowner Annual Expense to control feral hogs: $7 million
    - Natural Life Expectancy of a Feral Hog: 6 to 8 years [Click Here to Read More]

What We Do

Facts About Hogs

  • Hog Population in Texas: 2,000,000
  • National Population: estimated around 4,000,000
  • Annual Damage from feral swine: $52 million...
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Disease Facts

  • Feral hogs can carry a number of diseases
  • The most common being pseudorabies
  • Feral Hogs also carry swine brucellosis and...
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Welcome to our Website!

“Texas” as the saying goes has everything “Bigger”

This holds true with many things including the population of “Wild Hogs”. Of the estimated 4 to 5 million in the United States, 2 to 3 million reside here with us in our great state. This should scare all Texans as it does all of us at Texas Wild Hog Relief! All 6 zones of our state are covered with these dangerous, disease (30 or more) carrying creatures and we commit ourselves to decreasing their population in the entire state!

Choosing a method of capturing, transporting, and disposing of wild hogs affects animal and human health.  Important things we have to consider are safety, cost and facility locations.  We have the technology and the means at Texas Wild Hog Relief to meet these needs immediately.

With our license and permits in place, we are ready for this challenge.  Our pledge to you in our great state of Texas is to make her safer for all who call her home.  Statistics show these disease carrying hogs get braver each year as they come closer to our homes and our CHILDREN.

They must be STOPPED!
So browse through our site, and then give Texas Wild Hog Relief the opportunity to rid your area of these devastating animals!  We are dedicated to saving lives and the next one we save could be YOURS!                   Thank You!

We Have Teams in Place !

Scott, Rance, Anthony & Craig Specialize and are standing by on call in East Texas.

Preston is on stand by in North Central Texas and specializes in hog extraction in that area.

James takes care of all hog extraction in South Texas as well as is on stand by for all your needs.

Brad is in charge of hog extraction in South Central. He is on stand by for emergency hog extraction.

Lance, William, and Dale handle all the hog extraction neccesary in West Texas to get you safe quickly.

Glynn, Linda, Bob, and Shane are stationed in West Central Texas along with all their crews, ready to eradicate wild hogs!

Marty and Rea are stationed in the Pan Handle region of Texas and ready to relieve your land of wild hogs.